I was raised Catholic, so of course I’m now an atheist.

Bob Odenkirk Comedian

I was born into a Catholic family. My mom eventually converted to evangelical Protestantism and we attended the church “Word of Faith” lead by Robert Tilton. Internet devotees will know him as the “farting preacher.” I was deeply religious for the first twenty years of my life but I was also an avid science reader. The war between science and theology raged in me since I was young and eventually I could no longer reconcile the natural world I live in with religious beliefs. I have since come to see religion as a crutch not only for the individual but for society at large as well.

This blog is dedicated to my views on science, philosophy, theology, art, history, politics and whatever else happens to be on my mind. I am an enthusiast on these subjects but I do not work in any of them. I was a Geology major at the University of Texas at Dallas and while I have worked at two environmental chemistry labs and one mining lab, I never made a career out of it.

I have studied science, philosophy and theology extensively since I was young and they continue to be my major research hobbies. I do not claim to be an expert on any of these disciplines and I always try to include sources.

Politically I consider myself a libertarian but I don’t see much hope in the party of that name. Philosophically I am a material reductionist, which basically means I believe that everything is made of matter and can be broken down to simpler parts.

I’m not really involved in the Skeptic/Atheist community and have no plans to do so. From my estimation the group is largely populated by spoiled self-righteous juveniles. We have some good advocates like Richard Dawkins, Victor Stenger, Daniel Dennett etc. but the population as a whole is pretty pathetic.

The name Skeptivus is a combination of skeptic and festivus which is the holiday invented by Frank Costanza in the sitcom Seinfeld. I titled the page A Skeptivus for the Rest of Us, because there are thousands of atheist/skeptic blogs out there but they almost all look more like left-wing sites like thinkprogress or mediamatters than they do an atheist or skeptic site. I figure there are a number of people however small who, like me, are not leftists dressed in atheist’s clothing out there. Maybe I can offer a unique perspective.

Part of my journey of becoming an atheist was through looking at religious ideas and texts and critiquing them. Doing this means looking at the belief as objectively as possible and taking it seriously, not engaging in childish derision and slander. I try not to use these in my blog or when I am just talking to people I disagree with (which is almost everyone). If this makes me a ‘tone troll’ or whatever other idiotic moniker some people come up with, so be it.


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