One comment on “Left wing ideology damages education too

  1. i agree that the demand for equality is causing great harm by preferring minorities in the name of equality instead of recognizing skill and intellect no matter the race or sex. But i also think Creationism is one of the most damaging doctrines to Christianity. Christianity would do better to embrace intellectual revelations than damn itself by mis-interpretting myth. When science found the earth revolved around the sun and that hell was not located in the center of the earth, Christianity denied it and excommunicated and burned heretics. Yet here were are, the teachings of Jesus still in tact. Salvation still possible. Christianity still around, only stained by its medieval ignorance. Instead of learning from that past, Christianity repeats its error with evolution. How God created man does not change his love for man, but denying what is not deniable does discourage intellectuals from wanting to associate with such an ignorance and encourages their dismissal of Christianity.

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