2 comments on “I don’t know what to do with abortion

  1. I think a foetus could be aborted, only if strictly necessary, with the use of methods that eliminate the possibility of suffering in the process of death.

    If as you pointed out, there is no brain or heart activity of sort (I would add an underdeveloped nervous system, which is what gives pain), then there should still be the possibility of a termination. But in case these conditions are not met, the option of an abortion should still be available, under the condition that no suffering will be inflicted. I think this policy should be manageable through anaesthetics.

    Think about it: if there are good grounds for believing the birth would be unmanageable and actually cause a lifetime of suffering to both the new born person and the parents, would it not be a morally coherent option to eliminate the suffering by terminating the development of a foetus, through a pain-less abortion?

    • The inclusion of an underdeveloped nervous system is good in my opinion, but it still seems arbitrary. What is it about not feeling pain that makes a fetus less of a person protected by the law?

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