2 comments on “Geologists Disprove Geology

  1. “I could go on for hours with verifications but isn’t the fact that light moves at a finite speed and we observe objects (i.e. stars and galaxies) millions and billions of light years away enough of a verification that these objects existed when they emitted their light?”

    You ignore that creationists have come up with at least two different “models” to get around this.

    • Thanks for the comment Stuart. I assume you are referring to the appearance of age and the speed of light slowing down. Yeah Creationists have developed all kinds of models to explain away the evidence for an old Earth/Universe.

      My main point is that the author makes the claim that science has produced no verifications. That’s not only inaccurate but dishonest. He may not agree with the verifications or have developed his models to try and explain them away but he can hardly say there are none.

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